Fridge Repair

When your fridge breaks down, it has to be repaired as soon as possible to save your food. We offer same-day fridge repair in dubai to anyone in need.

If you attempt to perform a refrigerator repair yourself but it’s too challenging or you can’t determine the issue, call an expert to perform the domestic fridge repairs. Especially if you have recently invested in your appliance, the required repairs are likely minor, such as slight modifications or tune-ups. A newer fridge can usually be returned to good condition by a trained professional.


If your appliances not performing up to your standards, get the help you need to whip them back into shape! At Total Appliance Repair Centre, we know how much you rely on those machines every day to keep your home in working order, and we are committed to helping you get your house running smoothly again.



Expert Fridge Repairs in Dubai



It’s easy to forget just how much we rely on our refrigerators. Essentially, they are one of the most important appliances in our households. They store our food and prevent it from spoiling; they keep our fruit and veggies fresh and delicious; and best of all, they give us the joys of things like ice-cream!


Without the beauty of modern-day refrigeration, plenty of food would end up in the rubbish bin. It’s no wonder, then, that it’s such a hassle when your trusty fridge conks out on you!



If this does happen, don’t fear – the professionals at Total Appliance Repair Centre are here to the rescue. Our team of experts have the specific skills and knowledge to attend to all kinds of problems encountered by many different fridge models – whether it’s a too-icy freezer, a fridge that won’t cool down, or simply an array of strange smells or noises emitting from your appliance! Whatever issue you’re confronted with, you know you can rely on us to get your refrigerator back into total working order.

Service Provided

Our refrigeration technicians are fully certified and equipped to repair all major freezer and refrigerator brands and types. Whether your fridge or freezer isn’t cold enough, the internal light is broken or there’s an electrical fault, we guarantee our refrigerator tradesmen will diagnose and fix your issue as efficiently as possible.